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Opinion is actually varied as to whether it is a safe move for one to make in taking his child outdoor for play and what do the children stand to gain if they play outside rather than staying indoors to play. Since I say opinion varies, I don't expect you believe what I would have to say about this topic but I expect you to see from my point of view with the reasons I would give you on why letting your child play outdoors is a safe thing to do.

Many a time I have seen mothers who are scolding their children for playing outside and smearing mud all over their faces or in some case they end putting an earthworm or an insect into their mouth. This situation is not what a mother wants to deal with every time and so they make a final solution for it, which is stopping the kid from playing outside permanently.

I know you might be saying right now that that is a harsh thing for a parent to do, having to stop the child from having much fun with friends and all that wide space of the playground where he could have all the fun he wants but I can assure you we are all entitled to our own opinions and as a pediatric occupational therapist, I can clearly say there is nothing wrong with preventing your child from playing outdoor but it is necessary for their growth.

I believe it was a bad idea having to let your kid play indoor and miss out on the fun of having to exercise outside given the countless books and many stories I have heard concerning the matter until when I truly saw for myself that letting a child play outside is does a lot more good than harm for the child.

Why is it beneficial to let your child play outside? I would explain it with a brief story of one of my recollection of one of the experience I had with children that enhanced my view to this objective. It has always been a pleasurable thing for me having to go out with children and camp in the woodlands and it still is, because I love the fresh scent of leaves and the relaxing breeze experienced among trees and lush vegetation area.

During the camping trip, I had the children put up the sticks together which would be used in making up the tent which would be used for the night. It was a wonderful time watching them work as they piled up the sticks neatly together although there were some failures and repetitions before they got it right but, in the end, they did a pretty good job, although it was not perfect, it was stable. Good job I said to them as they smiled proudly of their little achievement.

Although the children did have some problems setting up the tent, but they didn't have themselves inflicted with injuries when they were building, I watched patiently at them with the other mothers as we watched them build up the tent with enthusiasm, there and then I realized what it mean for the children to stay outside and have fun. The lush vegetation, and the natural environment provide a good avenue for children to exercise their abilities.

You may say well one experience does not prove a thing about letting my children play outside, you won't be the one to do the laundry if he gets dirty or take him to a doctor when he ingests a harmful substance. I can't stop you from keeping your kids indoor but I can tell you as a pediatric occupational therapist that you do your child more harm than good letting him play inside than on the outside.

According to the reports I keep getting more parents keep calling into my office complaining of their children experiencing a sensory deficit and lacking proper motor skills which other children do possess and then I reply them by asking first do you let your kids play outdoor or you restrain them indoor, the answer I receive from the client determines If he is worth my attention or the person isn't.

In a case of where the person says I don't permit my child to play outdoors because of their reasons, then I advise them to first give the child a week out to play in an outdoor playground and see if there is any improvement and after they had done this o hear them calling in after a week to report that their child motor skills, agility, and normalcy has improved greatly and they showered me a lot of praise.

The real truth is that I had actually done nothing to assist I only told them what they already knew but refused to practice until they saw a need to do it. Children who are exposed to the natural environment tend to be more smart, confident, active and intelligent than the ones who are limited to indoor plays alone. This situation could pose a problem for children growing up today who had not experienced the pleasure of playing outdoors as they end up inferior to the other children who have had a healthy outdoor play.

A report made by the New York Times reported that New York City public schools have a huge increase in the number of students who go to occupational therapy in the last five years. The truth is that more and more case continue to be on the increase as the day pass by, the city isn't the only city seeing an upsurge in the number of children in need of occupational therapy services.

A secondary school gave a report of a huge number of students who show an unbalanced vestibular system, also described as children having a low decreased sense of awareness like students falling out of their seats, running into another student with velocity, improper display of motor skills and they have a clumsier approach to techniques. In other to avoid this then there is a need for us to make children appreciate the pleasures of outside at an early age.  


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